What’s next???

There is a mean delibertating virus that has been going around for 100 years but recently has intensified.  That virus is called Progressivism.  Once infected, it turns the individual into a slave to the IDEOLOGY.  The infected individual believes heart and soul that through their IDEOLOGICAL tenets they care through the Utopian vision create Paradise on Earth.  Therefore, because the ENDS always justify any and all Means necessary, the opposition is EVIL and MUST be destroyed.  Reason, logic, critical thinking and Common Sense are tossed to the curb.  The “true believer” is consumed by the IDEOLOGY.  It becomes their religion and they worship at the alter of Social Justice and the Collective.

Donald Trump is their devil and every tool in their book of weapons is used to bring him down.  Lie, Deceive and Misinform, that is OK.

It started with calling him “illegitimate then moved on to Hitler-like crawling over to Racist, Sexist and any word ending in “ism” and phobia”.  It then found bathrooms and gender identification to be a hot topic.  Like the others it faded just like the Russian collusion meme.

Monuments standing for over 100 years became the scary boogyman and needed to be torn down to save the feelings of all that for some unexplained reason suddenly became overwhelmed in fear of these inanimate statues.  The outrage intensified and in the dead of night with sledgehammer in hand down they  went.

The virus never satisfied then realized that monuments were not enough.  Mental health became the brand new target of concern.  Donald Trump was mentally unstable and, therefore dangerous not just to himself but the entire nation.  Deep into the Bill of Rights the mental “experts” delved until they came to the 25th Amendment.  Where was Dr. Ruth when one needed her?

This Kabuki unhinged demonstration of the absurd has no ending.  Like the Energizer Bunny it keeps on going and going and going with no destination in sight except for the removal of Donald Trump as President.

It is time that the “real” adults  put the inmates back inside the asylum for the benefit of all.  The Progressives are in FULL attack mode.  They are at WAR with civilized society.  They are unconcerned that they are destroying the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.  They give not a thought to their destruction of the Family, Religion and the Individual.


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