Where has “NORMAL” gone??

July 29, 2014

It is 2014 and as each minute ticks by, I get more confused, bewildered and borderline crazy.  Well, maybe crazy is to strong a word.  But a good dose of serenity would certainly help.

Up has turned into down, in is now the new out, deny, excuse and blame the new accountability and responsibility.

Bazzaroland is the “new” norm.

Experts, those with the educational background, experience and insight have lost their way.  Common Sense no longer seems to be a part of their intellectual arsenal.

Turn on the TV News, read a Newspaper and/or listen to a Press Conference and throughout most of the babbling, one simply becomes more “dazed and confused”.

It is getting harder and harder to walk through the tall weeds and find a green meadow with colorful flowers and a refreshing brook.

I have come to the conclusion that those in the “know” just don’t respect the masses, the common man and woman, the folks, the “simple” people (that is meant as an endearment).  They have come to treat us like sheep, blades of grass swaying in the wind and even just a lump of discard.  They know what is BEST for us.  They know our specific needs and wants.  They know how we should feel.  They know better than we know what is in our best interests.  They know and we do not!

Maybe, just maybe I am having a dreadful nightmare and will soon wake up to “normal”.  Question is:   In 2014, is “normal” possible?

I have hope and I hope you do too.

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