Where is the STICK???

It is beyond understanding and displaying a TOTAL lack of even a single degree of Common Sense just how ignorant bordering on STUPID the West and their so-called “experts” have been and continue to be regarding the nuclear potential of both North Korea and Iran.  These are TOTALITARIAN states without regard for their own people let alone others.

These Trannies are unafraid to let civilized societies know that their ultimate GOAL is their total destruction of Western Civilization.

The response from the United States and Western Europe to date has been DIPLOMACY that has Failed and continues to FAIL.  One, it empowers the Tyrants into believe that the West is nothing more then Paper Tigers.  Two, enabling the Tyrants ONLY emboldens their drive to destroy the West.

Albert Einstein was 100% correct when he defined INSANITY as engaging in the same behavior over and over again, each and every time expecting a different result but each and every time getting the exact same result.

Give Peace a Chance, Make Love not War are nice phrases and makes the individual feel good about themselves and shows just how caring and compassionate individuals they are.  What these IDEOLOGUES do not understand is that they are offering outreach to regimes that have a completely different agenda.  These proponents of Peace and outreach are blinded by their an IDEOLOGY that believes heart land soul that they and they alone through their delusional Utopian vision will create Paradise on Earth.  Even with Mt.  Everest piles of proof that the Vision ONLY fails does not keep them from one more time attempting that this time they will get it right.  The former Soviet Union imploded, North Korea turned itself into a self-imposed prison, Cuba and Venezuela went from prospering economic countries in the Americas to breadbasket cases of horror and Iran is nothing more than a theocratic nightmare intend on destroying all non-believers.

The West is stuck in neutral.  The same old same old is NOT working yet the “experts” and those in charge still wrongfully engage in FAILURE.  The consequences today are much more severe.

The West and especially America must show to the Tyrants that the veneer of Diplomacy has standing right behind its very large and powerful stick that can readily be used to emphasize their words of outreach.

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