Which direction will it fall???

Tell a lie and tell it often and eventually that lie will become the “truth” so said J Gobbles, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister. The Left/Progressive is demonstrating through word and deed that they concur 100% with Barak Obama’s statement to “fundamentally transform America”.

The Trifecta of Hollywood, the Praetorian Guard Media (Mark Levin) and Academia are on own their own Jihad to destroy the founding principals that the Founders and Framers put in place over 200 years ago. They believe that the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution are outmoded pieces of paper and don’t have the same relevancy today that they had at their inception.

Students from K-12 have 3 strikes against them even before they come to ready to learn. Then when they get to college the icing is put heavily on the cake of learning where Professors with PHds reinforce that America is a BAD place that used their power in negative ways to undermine others.

Mark Levin in his excellent and informative bestseller REDISCOVERING AMERICANISM and the TYRANNY of PROGRESSIVISM clearly and precisely makes the case that the Left is out to “transform” America into the Progressive IDEAL.

“Throughout ‘Rediscovering Americanism,’ you’ll see these dichotomies. You’ll see these opposites,” he explained.

“Americanism versus progressivism. What does that mean? It means constitutionalism versus centralism. It means individualism versus conformity.”

Levin continued: “It’s about private property versus collectivism. Prosperity versus redistribution. Separation of powers versus the administrative state. Eternal universal truths versus ideological social engineering. Stability versus constant transformation. Real science versus social science. The rights of man versus the power of government. An eternal moral order versus situational ethics. Liberty versus growing authoritarianism. Education versus indoctrination. The civil society versus the federal leviathan.”

David Horowitz in numerous books has detailed how Higher Education is driven IDEOLOGICALLY  through indoctrination to create Activists and NOT expand the students ability to hone their critical thinking skills, increase their power of using logic and reasoning.  Common Sense can only be found on milk cartons.

The “Snowflakes” are much more interested in expanding “trigger warnings and “micro-aggressions” and, thereby, creating safe spaces to block Reality.  How else can one explain the pull of college students toward Senator Sanders an avowed Democratic Socialist (oxymoron) who is a disguised Marxist who promises “free stuff” with his magic wand of words without explaining just how all the “free stuff” will be paid for.

The Progressive have convinced the “Snowflakes” that FEELINGS are much more important and more valuable then using logic and reasoning.  It is the IDEOLOGY, Stupid.  The result is that the IDEOLOGY through its myopic delusional vision will create Paradise on Earth.  This convoluted vision that sees the ENDS justifying any and all MEANS necessary to achieve the GOAL.  Any opposition to the IDEOLOGY is deemed EVIL and must be destroyed.  There is NO middle ground, only adherence.

Pick up the NYT, WaPo or LAT turn on any News program on TV and the Party line is reiterated over and over again.  Turn on the late night shows and the absurdity of delusion is amplified many fold as these pretend comedians become make believe political wonks distilling an Alternative Reality of the here and now,

Where has the Free Speech Movement of the 1960s gone?  Hate speech protected by the 1st Amendment is now considered violence and justifies violence in return.

A Secretary of State commits treason, a President using the Federal government to spy on an incoming President and a state nullifies Federal law and threatens succession and little is done to rectify these outrages against the Republic and We, the People.

Lies, Deceit and Misinformation have become acceptable to far too many Americans.  Break the law and as long as you are on the “right” side, it is OK and even justified as a benefit.

The dumbing down of America is become the flavor of the month.  Victimhood has become the accepted currency of exchange.  Virtue, no thank you.  The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, not anymore.  The Declaration of Independence and US Constitution are outmoded and, rather, just aliving and breathing documents that can be molded to fit the current times.  Big government even BIGGER government all the better for my “fair” share.

Has America reached the abyss and teetering.  The question is which direction will it fell?

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