Who are the Democrat Party

The Democrat Party are EXPERTS at crafting a message and telling th American people day in and day out that same message through their surrogates whether is the politician, Talking Heads or Mainstream Media better called the Praetorian Guard Media (Mark Levin).  They will without a second thought and VIRTUE label their opposition as EVIL, Racists, Sexist and every “ism” and phobia that suits their end game. 

Truth, Facts and Data have no meaning to them.  They have created an Alternative Reality that acts like an echo chamber for the Collective to constantly reinforce their IDEOLOGY.
But History tells a very different story.  It is not the RINO WHIG Democrat Lite Republicans who deserve the various labels throw at them.
The following lists dramatically demonstrates that the Democrat party has blood and hatred all over themselves.
   1. Every segregation law in the South was passed by Democratic Legislature
   2. were signed into power by a Democrat Governor
   3. enforced by Democratic  Sheriffs and Democratic city and state officials
   4. most anti-miscegenation were passed in Democratic states
   5. Progressives passed then racist Immigration Law of 1924
   6. KKK was a creation of the Democrat Party
(THE BIG LIE, Dinesh D’Souza)
But, wait a moment.  The Democrat party claims that it changed.  Is that true?  I say NO!
 1.   they constantly fight the Bill of Rights especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments
 2.   they are full boat ahead on the Marxist terms: 1) political Correctness 2) Multi-Culturalism
 3.   they constantly excuse the Islamo-Fascist
 4.   they create RACISM and SEXISM
 5.   they exploit IDENTITY
 6.   they are anti-Capitalists and deride the Free Market
 7.   they see BIG government as the answer to everything
 8.   they reattempting to destroy the Individual, Family and Religion
 9.   they “NEVER let a crisis go to waste”
10.  they are at their core Totalitarians through word and deed 
The American citizenry is starting to wake up to the duplicity of the Democrat Party.  The Tax cut Bill will used by the Democrat Party to Lie, Deceive and Misinform.  They have been relentless on attacking President starting on election day and have NOT taken a breath since that day.
The Toll Taker is coming round and will ask the Democrat party to pay up for all that they have done.

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