Who benefits from Tax Cuts???

I just have NEVER why people, average Joe and Mary Care one tiny iota if the “rich” benefit from Tax cuts? If I get a Tax cut then I have MORE of my own money to do with what I want. Isn’t that a GOOD thing.
When Corporations have more money, PROFITS, then don’t hide in a mattress. They spend it whether 1) dividends 2) HIRE more people 3) invest in their Company. Aren’t those GOOD things for everyone.
Currently nearly 50% of Americans pay no Federal Tax. The top 1% pay nearly 40% of Federal Taxes. Is that “Fair and Balanced”. To see the real crime the the Left continues to spread about the rich, I would suggest viewing a video by Bill Whittle entitled EAT THE RICH.
I have NEVER heard of poor person creating a job.
Every Tax cut whether talking about Presidents Coolidge, Kennedy, Reagan or Bush resulted in more dollars, Revenue, going into the Federal coffers. Isn’t hat a good thing?
Tax cuts means one thing that id a monumental benefit to Tax payers. Whether individuals or Companies or Corporations, they ALL have more of their own MONEY to do with what they want to. That is called CHOCE which translate in Freedom.
The Democrat Party Lies, Deceives and Misinforms. They do it for one BIG reason. They are invested though their myopic IDEOLOGY in believing that the Government, the BIGGER the better, makes the best Choices for individuals. They and they alone have the wisdom and know how to benefit everyone. Can you name a instance where that has proved true?
The end result of more and more control of elites and bureaucrats running the Government and making decisions for everyone is called Socialism which is the Godfather of Marxism. How has that system of Government and Economics worked out when tried?
The Founding Fathers and Framers had a unique vision for America. The two Founding documents, the Declaration of Independence which stated unequivocally that Man has “unalienable rights”. Those include LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. Those “rights” are Not given to Man by the Government or individual or group but, rather, come directly from God. Therefore Only God can take them away. The US Constitution coupled with the Free Market, Capitalism allowed a set of Laws that created the foundation for a nation and its citizens to become EXCEPTIONAL. It offered OPPORTUNITY, Choice.
Tax cuts are NOT bad for the Economy. What creates Deficits and Debt is out of Control SPENDING. All any individual need do is take a glance at their own personal financial situation. The economic wise does NOT spend more then they can adored. Yes, they can borrow but borrowing puts one in Debt. Debt then restricts Choice. The Government is no different.
The Left is NOT telling the TRUTH. As FREE individuals, it is our Responsibility to cut through the BS and follow the FACTS, DATA and TRUTH to discover what is REAL and all the other stuff that isFAKE.

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